Inflyte User Survey Results 2016

As Inflyte approaches it's second birthday this month, the team have been busy reaching out to our users and clients to find out how, as a platform we are performing, what we are are doing well and what we can improve on.

We were overwhelmed with the response with nearly 400 users and clients taking the time to connect with us and share their thoughts, suggestions and feedback on Inflyte. So to each and everyone who took part, thank you very much.

We asked you to rate various aspects of the platform, what you like about Inflyte and what you would like to see on our platform, as well as questions designed to help us see how we perform in comparison to other services you receive promos from.

So in this post, we're going to share the results of our user survey, our users being the DJs, media, tastemakers all over the world who receive promos via Inflyte.

The results of our separate Inflyte survey of our labels and clients is available here


On question one, we asked you to rate aspects of the Inflyte platform, that are in our opinion, the three most important qualities, a professional promo delivery platform should offer as standard.

Download Speeds We scored highest on this one, which is super-pleasing as a few months ago we detected that users in a small number of territories would occasionally experience speed issues with streaming and downloading. So we invested heavily in a new global content delivery network, which would ensure all users could expect the same download performance regardless of location around the world.

Performance (Reliability) In the 8760 hours since we launched on October 1st, 2014 has had a grand total of 1 hour of unscheduled downtime. We're pretty proud of that! We know first-hand how swamped DJs and tastemakers are when it comes to going through promos every week, so reliability is one of the most important aspects if you are a time-strapped DJ wading through hundreds of promos in a session.

User Interface (Ease Of Use) User interface design is something we place huge importance on and it's a constantly evolving part of our platform and something we regularly take advice and suggestions on, so it's rewarding to see such a high score, even though we know there's always room for improvement.


Efficiency & time-saving The highest scoring component of this question and probably one of the most rewarding from a company point of view. Our goal with Inflyte has always been to help DJs and tastemakers save time on their promos, by creating efficiencies and adopting the likes of Dropbox integration, web dashboards, mobile offline integration and quite simply streamlining a process that had become such a chore for most people who download promos on a regular basis.

Visual look/Design/Promo backgrounds Before Inflyte came along, I think it's fair to say (with a few exceptions) that promo design was stuck in the Myspace era where everything had to be skinned and customised to make it as unattractive as possible. We always resisted requests for this type of customisation, making the case that if you allow a label with a poor design aesthetic to customise promos, they inadvertently make the platform look bad and it can reflect negatively on those labels who invest time and energy in the design process. We've had such positive feedback since launching our dynamic promo backgrounds a few months ago, it's great to see that users appreciate this too.

Overall Features We could have maybe probed a bit deeper on this question. We've rolled out a lot of new features over the past 12 months in particular, from keyboard shortcuts, to audio-format selection and social media integration with lots more in the pipeline over the next few months. It's pleasing to see such a high-score for this question too.

Current Feature Feedback / Feature Requests

We had hundreds of suggestions from the responses collected and while not possible to give an individual response to each suggestion, rest assured the team will be going through them all over the coming months to assess suitability for future updates. If there is a particular suggestion you'd like to discuss with us, drop us a line

Promo Feedback

Inflyte is a multi-channel delivery platform which means every promo is sent via email, web dashboard and to mobile, which can greatly increase the level of access and engagement with label's target audiences. So what the result of this question highlights, is the rise in usage of mobile and web dashboard access and a staggering 40% of Inflyte users who no longer check their Inflyte promo emails, opting instead to go direct to dashboard or the mobile apps. To borrow a quote from the legendary techno-head Tiga, 'email is becoming the compact disc of communication tools' and it's clear from these figures there's a definite shift in that direction.

How Often Do You Check Promos?

As DJs we all have our different ways of doing things and you can see from these results that if you are a weekly promo guy, you are clearly in the majority among your peers. If you want to know what day most Inflyte users check their promos on, you can view our post on how to find the best promo delivery day here and of course you can now use promo scheduling for delivering into different time-zones which can also help greatly optimise your campaign delivery times. There a post on promo scheduling here.

What's good to see is 49% of users check promos as soon as they are notified and/or regularly during the week. The 26% who check as soon as they are notified, highlights how not only native mobile apps, but simple mobile optimisation, can help influence engagement rates and response times.

Platform Comparison

So next up, we asked how Inflyte compares to other promo delivery services used by Inflyte users...

Agree or Disagree?

Outside of getting exposure for artists, brand awareness is probably one of the most difficult aspects of running a label (certainly in the early days). You have a vision for what you want your label to be, who the artists are, what the overall aesthetic will be, who your supporters will be and so on. It's therefore important to work with people who share a similar vision. Working with high-quality labels is something Inflyte has steadily built a reputation for over the past two years and we're super proud to be working with so many great people from around the world and more importantly the fact that 83% of Inflyte users recognise the same:

We love this statistic. Not much to add really.

Inflyte has always been an opt-in only platform, and guess what?
87% of our users prefer it that way.

They control what they receive, they don't get spammed and therefore trust that when they receive a promo via Inflyte it's going to be something they have personally opted in to. It's not rocket-science, it just takes a bit of care and consideration when labels are planning campaigns and building a highly engaged database of contacts who want to receive their music. Having 100 contacts in your database who have said 'YES, send me your promos' is worth far more than sending out 10'000 emails spamming inboxes and making your label look a bit desperate.

But does this mean that labels will receive less feedback because they have to opt-in their contacts?

Not according to our Inflyte clients survey where the majority of labels using Inflyte report receiving more feedback than ever. See the results in full here.